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Extraction of Wisdom teeth

Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure performed to correct a problem or to prevent future problems. Extraction of wisdom teeth is simple, with minimal complications. The overall chance of complication is less than 2%.

Why Choose Extraction of Wisdom Tooth & When?

Having your wisdom teeth pulled may be advisable if your jaw is too small for you to accommodate them. Small jaw size may cause them to be impacted and unable to break through gums, which is why removal of wisdom teeth is advised in these cases.

It is advisable to remove it at a younger age(teenage) when the tooth size is small & bone is pliable. Chances of complications are less & recovery is faster. Wisdom teeth can erupt at a later stage in life aswell.

Another excellent reason for wisdom teeth removal is that there is a chance of your wisdom teeth breaking partway into your gums, and causing a flap of gum tissue to grow over them. This flap can trap food and germs, and may cause infection.

Having your impacted wisdom teeth removed may be the best idea, since serious problems could arise from impacted teeth, including cysts, bone and teeth damage, decay in adjacent tooth and infections. Wisdom teeth pain is generally the cue for many people to visit a dentist and have their wisdom teeth pulled out.

If one or more of your wisdom teeth is coming in at an awkward angle, with the top facing either side, backward or forward, wisdom teeth extraction is commonly recommended.

The recovery period after wisdom teeth removal is less than a few days. Wisdom teeth healing takes three-four days. Painkillers can aid in reducing wisdom tooth pain.

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