Overcome Your Dental Fears with Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a great option for a person with a fear of needles or just dentists and dental treatment in general. Oral sedation is a prescription that is given to the patient usually along the lines of Ativan. Patient takes 1 pill 1 hour before the procedure and another pill just before the procedure starts and this causes a deeper sedation. Oral sedation will not put a patient to sleep, but relax them and dull their senses. When a patient takes oral sedation, they must be accompanied by another person as they will not be able to drive.

Oral sedation enables a dentist to ease the discomfort of nervous and apprehensive patients and facilitates a relaxed, pain-free experience. It has a number of benefits which include:

Oral sedation is a safe way to relieve the stress and anxiety of dental patients. It is considered to be much safer as compared to general anesthesia and IV sedation and the incidences of adverse reactions are negligible.

Oral sedation offers complete rest and relaxation to patients who feel highly stressed and anxious during dental treatments.

With oral sedation, it is possible to complete extensive dental treatments in a single session as the time seems to pass very quickly. Also, with oral sedation patients have little or no memory of the procedure, which eliminates all the discomfort and trauma following the treatment.

Oral sedation costs much less as compared to IV sedation and is the best solution for patients who do not need general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Of all the sedation techniques, oral sedation is the easiest to administer. It simply involves swallowing a pill prior to the appointment which is much better than having a needle inserted in your vein.

Under the safe supervision of an experienced dentist, oral sedation ensures a comfortable experience and a positive outcome. Call us at 978-607-0110 to schedule a dental appointment.