Everything You Should Know About Gum Line Cavity

What is Gum Line Cavity?

Cavities are dental caries which indicates tooth decay. Sometimes the tooth decay by cavity occurs in the gum line.

What Causes a Cavity along the Gum Line?

Bacteria, dental plaque, and tartar are the most common reason for the gum line cavity.

What are the Gum Line Cavity Symptoms?


-Tooth Sensitivity

-Pain after eating sweets

-Spots on teeth

-Small holes in teeth

-One Side Sensitivity in Mouth

Who is More Likely to Get Gum Line Cavity?

-Adults & Older Adults

 -Dry Mouth

-Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

How to Treat Cavities at Gum Line?

The cavity below the gum line needs treatment like a root canal. Whereas, cavity above the gum line can be treated with surface treatments like tooth filling.

Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay at the Gum Line

-Brushing Teeth

-Daily Flossing

-Professional Teeth Cleanings

How to Stop Gum Line Tooth Pain?

-Avoid acidic foods like meat, nuts, and carbonated drinks.

-Avoid sweet and sugary foods like candies, chocolates, and ice-creams.

-Try to avoid icy and hot beverages. Drink everything at room temperature.