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Do you feel self-conscious due to your missing, chipped, broken teeth? If yes, then continue reading to know why dental crowns are the solution you have been looking for to overcome a majority of your smile problems. These are caps or coverings placed over your decayed teeth or as a replacement to your missing teeth in combination with implants. They are used to strengthen, restore, and protect weak, damaged teeth and revive a comfortable oral function for you to follow.

When should I get a dental crown?

Dental crowns are not just a cosmetic treatment. You are a suitable candidate for dental crowns if you are suffering from

  1. Tooth Decay

    In the case of patients whose tooth is severely damaged or decayed, only a notably substantial dental restoration can possibly cure the condition. If you wish to save your remaining natural tooth structure, ideally, it should be covered with a dental crown to stop any further chances of damages.

  2. Cracked Teeth

    Broken, cracked, or fractured teeth, if left untreated, can lead to significant dental damage and oral health issues. Customized dental crowns, when covered over broken teeth, form a protective layer and effectively restore its appearance and functionality in biting.

  3. Teeth Discoloration

    In case of severe tooth discoloration or stains, dental crowns can cover the affected teeth and make them look whiter. This solution for discoloration is suitable if you have just one or two stained teeth. Crowns also work when a discolored tooth fails to remain whitened after teeth whitening treatments. For instance, a tooth that is slightly grayish.

  4. Missing Teeth

    A dental crown placed on top of a dental implant helps restore the functioning of a missing tooth. For this to be a suitable option, healthy gums and adequate supporting bone availability for the implant are essential requirements. The crown that goes on the implant resembles your natural tooth color, shape, and size. The treatment constitutes surgically placing a dental implant in your jaw and allowing it to heal for a few months before permanently placing a dental crown. That dental crown will act as a false tooth, successfully replacing your missing tooth.

  5. Root Canal

    Having a root canal increases your risk of getting a bacterial infection in your tooth. Placing a protective cover with a dental crown helps keep your tooth safe from any additional unaccounted damages. The dental crown will provide strength, saving your tooth from reaching a condition wherein it might get extracted in the future.

  6. Large Dental Fillings

    These usually leave the walls of the teeth weak and vulnerable to breakage. A dental crown can be your savior in such situations. That is because it has the capability to efficiently restore the strength of your dental walls while protecting the underlying tooth from further damage.

  7. Cosmetic Issues

    Are you in search of a more aesthetically pleasing smile restoration? Well, look no further because dental crowns can whiten and reshape your teeth as per your expectations. They are custom-made as per your desired shape, size, and overall appearance. In comparison to the affordable smile makeover option of porcelain veneers, dental crowns have a longer lifespan.

Dental damage can be dangerous to oral health and even your overall physical health. These damages should undergo careful dental treatment to diminish the chances of any future oral hygiene issues. Investing in dental crowns will resolve all the above-mentioned oral issues for you, with an additional benefit of getting your smile upgraded.

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