Is your wisdom tooth eruption causing pain and discomfort? Then it is time to have it extracted by an experienced dentist. Being the last teeth to erupt in your mouth, third molars crowd the adjacent teeth and can damage their roots. If left untreated, an impacted tooth can lead to the formation of decay, gum infection, or cyst.  Having a wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most feared and anxiety-inducing dental procedures but extraction is essential to avoid future problems, pain and swelling.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Extraction may be the only appropriate option if you have impacted wisdom teeth that are poorly positioned or irreparably damaged. Extraction of wisdom teeth may be advisable if:

  • Your jaw is too small to accommodate the eruption.
  • When there is a lack of space in the dental arch.
  • When your wisdom tooth is unable to break through the overlying gums.
  • When your wisdom tooth is breaking partly into your gums, creating a flap that can trap food and bacteria.
  • When your wisdom tooth is erupting at a tricky angle and facing either backward, forward, sideways, or at any angle but the crown up.


Having your impacted wisdom teeth removed may be the best idea, since serious problems could arise from impacted teeth, including cysts, bone and teeth damage, decay in adjacent teeth, and infections. It is advisable to remove it at a younger age (teenage) when the tooth size is small and the bone is pliable. At this age, the chances of complications are much less and the recovery is faster if you know how to care for a wisdom tooth extraction. Painkillers are also prescribed by the dentist to reduce the pain following the procedure. The healing process does not take more than three to four days with proper dental care after the removal of the wisdom tooth.

Don’t wait for painful cues to visit a dentist. CALL CORAL DENTAL CARE TODAY AT 978-607-0110 if you haven’t had your wisdom tooth extracted so far.
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