General dentistry includes preventive and restorative approaches for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Prevent tooth decay and dental cavities with our reliable, comfortable and convenient dental care services. When patients visit our Salem dental center, we take the time to study your dental history and listen to your concerns without rushing through the appointment. Every patient is informed about the treatment options and is assisted in determining the best approach.

Dr. Anu Isaac has been treating general dentistry problems for over a decade now and she brings a gentle touch to the treatment along with her vast experience. Some of the general dentistry services that we specialize in are:

Tooth colored fillings are used for restoring the strength and structure of damaged and decayed teeth. During the tooth filling procedure, your dentist removes the decayed portion and fills it with either composite filling material or ceramic or porcelain filling called inlays and onlays while ensuring that they match the existing color and texture of your teeth. White tooth fillings are the most preferred option today as they offer a safe, long-lasting, mercury-free solution that looks natural as well.

When the pulp (the inside part of your tooth that carries nerve and blood supply to the tooth) of your tooth gets infected, root canal treatment becomes necessary to remove the necrotic/infected tissue before it spreads and invites repeated dental procedures. If you are experiencing prolonged pain, swelling, sensitivity and tenderness in your teeth and gum tissues, it may be caused by pulp infection or inflammation. The procedure of root canal treatment is performed to save your tooth and prevent extraction of the tooth and the need for prosthetic teeth or dental implants.

Your wisdom teeth may become impacted if your jaw does not have adequate space to accommodate them. This may lead to decay, infection or damage the adjacent tooth resulting in swollen and painful gums. Timely extraction of wisdom tooth can help you avoid long-term complications. Wisdom tooth extraction becomes easier if the patient is younger, since at that time the surrounding bone is softer and the roots are still forming.

Our blend of modern technology and personal touch promises you a gentle, relaxing dental experience. We understand the unique physical and psychological needs of every patient and accordingly design a personalized treatment plan that ensures optimal oral health. We are a professional dental practice that is committed to restoring your natural smile using the latest procedures in a comfortable environment.

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