White Tooth Filling – For Durability, Strength, and Aesthetics

If you are experiencing jaw pain and tenderness in your tooth, a white tooth filling may be the right treatment for you. At Coral Dental Care, LLC, Dr. Anu Isaac is available to address all your oral concerns including bad breath, dry mouth and gum disease. To request an appointment at our dental office in Salem, MA, call us at 978-607-0110

What are White Teeth Fillings?

Tooth decay and cavities are common problems people experience. Generally, they are caused due to unhealthy eating habits and ignorance towards dental care. But, if tooth decay is not treated on time, it gets worse and then you may have to undergo root canal treatment or need an extraction of the tooth or a crown.

Fortunately, when cavities and tooth decay are detected on time, treatment becomes fairly easy and effective. We offer white tooth fillings in Salem, MA as a restorative procedure that safely treats and restores teeth damage and decay. Our dental fillings also help improve the tooth structure, its strength, and functionality. At Cora Dental Care LLC, Dr. Anu Isaac also uses white tooth fillings to repair damaged and fractured teeth.

White Tooth Filling - Before & After

White teeth fillings

Benefits of White Fillings

  • White fillings are a more economical option as compared to gold fillings.
  • They harden instantly with a blue light and the treatment procedure is quick as compared to other filling materials.
  • White fillings are placed according to the color, texture and appearance of your teeth for a close match and natural look. Also, the preparation of the tooth is conservative when compared to that of silver fillings.
  • They do not require any grooves or slots to bond with your teeth structure.
  • White tooth fillings are durable and painless to place.
  • They restore the strength of your teeth by 80 to 90%.
  • Tooth colored fillings can be safely used on both front teeth and back teeth.

White Fillings Procedure at Coral Dental Care, LLC – Salem, MA

  • At Coral Dental Care, we use dental white fillings to give you a natural smile. The first step involves the treatment of dental decay wherein Dr. Anu Isaac evaluates the extent and severity of tooth decay. The procedure is painless but if needed, we can administer local sedation and numb the area before removing the decay or any flawed part of the tooth.
  • During the next step, the surrounding area of the decayed tooth is prepared and cleansed, after which the tooth is isolated and the white filling is bonded in layers. Due to advanced technology, the white fillings harden instantly with the help of dental light.

The complete treatment procedure right from numbing the tooth to placing the filling takes nothing more than an hour while giving you better functionality with a natural smile!

White Tooth Fillings vs. Silver Tooth Fillings

Here’s a quick comparison of silver vs. white fillings to help you make an informed choice in case you develop a cavity and want to know which type of tooth filling will be right for you:

Key Differences between White and Silver Fillings White Tooth Fillings   Silver Fillings
Types of filling materials used  White tool fillings are made up of ceramic and plastic Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, silver, copper and tin
Visual Appeal  A natural look that matches the color of your teeth  Silver fillings have an artificial look that tends to discolor over time, and also causes damage to the surrounding tooth area
Cost High Average
Location Ideal for concealing highly visible areas of the mouth Ideal for molars and easy to place in moist areas 
Longevity Might not last that long (10 Years) Long-lasting (15 to 20 years)
Staining Potential  Stain-resistant Metal fillings are not resistant to staining  
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