A Quick and Easy Way to Achieve a Whiter, Brighter Smile!

Do you avoid smiling because of yellow and stained teeth? You too can attain that sparkling Hollywood smile with a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is a commonly used chemical process that can effectively wipe off yellow stains caused due to excessive intake of tea, coffee, smoking and aging. The procedure is proven safe and the results are noticeable in most cases. We can bring that zest back into your dull and discolored teeth regardless of your age with our powerful whitening solution. Don’t let a stained smile hold you back.

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Teeth Darkening, Its Causes, and Remedies

Teeth darken with age primarily because of changes in the mineral structure of teeth. However, dietary habits, chewing tobacco, liquids consumed, dental hygiene maintained, bacteria, medications, caffeine, darker beverages, acidic, and spicy food, all also accelerate the yellowing and staining. Tooth enamel becomes less porous with time, which also accelerates the yellowing. At our Salem family and cosmetic dentistry, we use the best products available to whiten in conjunction with other cosmetic dental procedures to ensure you have that perfect smile.

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