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Night Guard

At Coral Dental Care in Salem, Massachusetts we do everything to address your unique dental problems and preserve your teeth and smile. We create night guards and snore guards that are customized from your teeth impressions and made from the finest quality materials to ensure a perfect fit and complete comfort.

If you wake up feeling pain in your jaw and the muscles around your jaw feel tight, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth at night. Because this happens at night you may not be aware of the damage that is occurring. Clenching and/or grinding at night could lead to a cracked tooth or a cracked filling. The constant grinding can wear down your teeth structure causing the outer surface to deteriorate. This exposes the inner, softer layer called the dentin and leads to the loosening of your teeth over time. Wearing a night guard when you sleep can prevent any damage to your teeth and prevent any further damage. Call us today for an appointment.

If you feel your spouse is snoring and that is keeping you up all night, we can help. Your spouse may need a  dental snore guard which can be easily fabricated by taking the impression of his/her teeth. Let us help you get a good night rest!

We recommend that if you or your child participates in any sport where there is a risk of injury, you and your child should wear a mouth guard. Mouth protection is recommended especially in sports like football, hockey, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, ice hockey and volleyball. Sports guards are custom-fitted to cover your upper teeth. In case of an impact of injury to the face, the teeth are cushioned and protected. Hence the risk of tooth fracture or injury to the mouth is reduced considerably.

Our Salem family and cosmetic dentistry provides comfortable and convenient dental care for you and your family. Call for an appointment at 978-607-0110.
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