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Dental Health Issue in the U.S.A.

Tooth decay in childhood is one of the significant health concerns of the U.S.A. Not even half of the total population of kids brush according to the guidelines of the experts. A survey conducted by Ad Council revealed this shocking data. Poor dental practices lead to various diseases like Hypodontia and other infections.

Why National Brush Day?

Green colour brushTo overcome this challenge of encouraging kids to brush more, National Brush Day is celebrated in America. It falls on the 1stof November every year. Being the next day of Halloween, it became instantly famous in America as kids are already in a holiday mood.

If you want kids to do something, it is crucial to make it enjoyable. National brush day fulfils that purpose. On this day, parents can make sure that their kids brush twice for at least two minutes.  After this day, every year, the number of kids properly brushing increases.


National brush day started in 2013. It’s an initiative taken by the ad council and Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives – a group of 35 leading dental health organizations. It was previously just an advertising campaign to make parents aware of the tricks to make their kids brush twice a day for two minutes, at least.

Tips to Enjoy National Brush Day with Your Children


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  • Tell your kids to hum their favorite song for 2 minutes while brushing. Some common suggestions could be “twinkle twinkle” or “wheels on the bus.” But it is essential that they come up with a song which they like.
  • Start encouraging your kids to floss from this day. Brushing teeth may not take out bacteria from between the teeth. But flossing can fortify this. Kids should floss at least once a day before brushing.
  • Flaunt your kid’s white and bright smile on social media. Post their smiling picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Challenge your friends also to post smiling pictures with their kids. You can tag the #nationalbrushday along with your selfie.
  • Kids love games, and so do we! Make dental hygiene a competition amongst your family members. Let the kids maintain all the records. Who brushed how many times and for how many minutes? Declare a winner and distribute prizes.

Why is Dental Health Important?

Lady Flossing TeethThe expense of oral health issues burns a hole in your pocket. Also, you need to take out time from your work hours. Some of the most tiresome issues are congenitally missing teeth, hypodontia treatment, dental bridge, and partial dentures etc. Therefore it is said that “prevention is always better than cure.” Imagine the amount of time, money, and energy we can save by taking care of our family’s dental health.

Lead by Example!

Kids don’t do what you (parents) say. Kids do what you do! Thus, it is essential for you to maintain proper dental hygiene. Get involved with them to celebrate this day in whatever capacity you can.

Gift yourself and your child a new toothbrush. Plan a teeth whitening or a teeth spa at home with your kid. You can set an example by replacing tea, coffee with healthy detox water or green tea in the longer run. You should yourself avoid sugary or acidic food and drinks.

To Sum it Up…

A golden opportunity is knocking on our door on the upcoming National Brush Day. Start your and your children’s healthy dental routine and enjoy healthy white and bright teeth all along!

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