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There are a lot of teeth whitening tips out there. If you ask around, you are likely to get dozens of them. Some may sound legitimate while others may sound downright silly. So, do yourself a favor – don’t ask around. Do your own research and only go through credible medical websites. You’ll find a wealth of helpful teeth whitening tips that will help you achieve a beautiful white smile.

6 Teeth Whitening Myths

We’ll do our bit in helping you debunk a few teeth whitening myths, so you don’t fall victim to them!

  1. Teeth Whitening procedure whitens your veneers, crowns, and fillings

    Crowns, veneers, and fillings are inorganic materials. They do not respond to teeth whitening treatment the way your real teeth do. So, if you get a teeth whitening procedure done, expect unevenly-colored teeth afterwards. If you plan to have veneers and crowns, it’s always better to carry out teeth whitening firsts.

  2. Avoid teeth whitening if you have sensitive teeth

    Having sensitive teeth doesn’t stop you from getting your teeth whitened. Talk about your sensitivity issue with your dentist. Your dentist may use rubber gum guards or desensitizing gel during the treatment for your comfort. The dentist may also recommend a formulated toothpaste to use before the treatment.

  3. Oil pulling works in removing teeth stains

    Oil pulling supposedly removes tooth discoloration. Many people practice oil pulling and claim that it helps. But there is no scientific evidence that proves that oil pulling is effective in teeth whitening.

  4. Teeth whitening harms your tooth enamel

    Dentists use a safe, effective, high-strength whitening gel. Many believe that whitening involves taking out the outer layer of the tooth. This is not true. In fact, teeth whitening opens the pores of the outer layer to allow the cleaning agent to penetrate the pores and clear the teeth stains.

  5. Over-the-counter teeth whitening is as good as professional teeth whitening.

    Over-the-counter teeth whitening may work but the results cannot be compared to professional teeth whitening. If you’re looking for the temporary removal of teeth stains, your over-the-counter kits may do the job. Professional teeth whitening procedure uses products that penetrate your teeth’s deep layers and clears the staining that makes your teeth look darker.

  6. Once teeth are whitened, it stays white forever

    Teeth whitening results are not permanent. It may last for up to 3 years. Teeth stains from coffee, tea and from smoking are going to affect the whiteness of the teeth.

Your dentist knows best whether you are a candidate for teeth whitening or not. Call Coral Dental Care to help find options that can get you a whiter, brighter smile.

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