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Food is the main ingredient of all the festivities during Christmas. Be it parties with family or friends, most of us have a list of delicious foods on our minds throughout the holidays. However, our mindless gorging on our favorite foods impacts not only our overall health, but also our dental health greatly. Here are some tips to ensure that you maintain a healthy smile during and after this holiday season.

  1. Visit your dentist before the holidays begin.

    If you have any untreated oral health issues, get them fixed before the hunger games begin. For instance, it is advisable to fix chipped tooth or go for wisdom tooth removal if such oral problems have been bothering you since long now. It’s better to get them treated before the holidays rather than taking the risk of spending your holidays with tooth sensitivity or horrible toothache and not being able to enjoy the much awaited feast.

  2. Make healthy food choices.

    It’s important to watch what you eat for good oral and overall health. Turkey, milk products, fruits, vegetables are all rich sources of various vitamins and minerals. These also promote good dental health. Even cheese makes for a great snack as its pH balancing effect helps neutralize the acid in the boozy drinks and the calcium is good for your teeth. So feel free to gorge on such foods.

  3. Avoid foods which can harm your teeth and gums.

    Sugary and starchy foods and drinks such as candy canes, flavored coffees, soda, wine, pie etc., are harmful for your dental as well as overall health. So if you can’t avoid them completely, try to cut down their consumption as much as you can.

  4. Steer clear of soda.

    This sugar-loaded drink will only harm your teeth with its high acid content. If at all you crave for something bubbly, try fizzy water flavored with fresh lemon and mint rather than soda. Make sure you use a straw to protect your teeth from the acid.

  5. Watch the amount of red wine you consume.

    It’s the number one culprit when it comes to getting stained teeth. White wine is less of a risk and a good replacement if you want to protect your white smile. If you can’t avoid it completely, reduce the amount and drink it with food to prevent it from getting on your teeth too much. Also, brush thoroughly afterwards.

  6. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and especially before and after the feast.

    This will help you not only stay hydrated, but also reduce your cravings for foods which are harmful for your teeth. Besides, it will wash away food particles stuck in between teeth and gums.

  7. Don’t skip out on brushing, flossing and rinsing.

    No matter how hard you party, make sure to brush twice a day. Follow it with flossing and rinsing with a non-alcoholic mouthwash. Also, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after every meal.

  8. Do not use your teeth to crack nuts or open bottles.

    This could put excessive stress on your teeth and may lead to chipping or breaking of teeth. Make it a point to use nutcracker and a bottle opener.

  9. Make sure you go for a dental checkup after the holidays are over.

    Your dentist will be able to identify early signs of any oral health issues and prescribe suitable treatments.

Make sure you don’t have to spend your holidays in pain and discomfort due to decay, cavities or any other oral health issues. To learn more about how you can maintain a healthy smile this holiday season, visit us at Coral Dental Care today.

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