Invisalign tips

Invisalign has helped to shape 5 million smiles, and each smile has made the system smarter, helping reduce treatment time to as little as 3 months! There are 20 years of research behind every Invisalign, all for every smile.

If you’ve just gotten a new set of aligners, you want to be sure you’re doing everything possible to take good care of them. These tips are simple and easy to practice wherever you are.

Here are Some Invisalign Tips for the Best Treatment Experience

  1. Floss Everyday

    Since you have the advantage of removing your aligners, unlike other metal braces, you might as well take some extra care. You’re allowed to keep your aligners off for up to 2 hours each day. And this is the only time you’ll get to really get your keep your teeth clean. Place a box of dental floss at your bathroom sink so you remember your teeth require some extra cleaning. Take them with you to the office or a place you’ll be traveling to.

  2. Stick to 48 Hour Instruction

    For at least the first two days, you’ll have to pay extra attention to how long you’ll be wearing your aligners. When you remove them to have your meals, make sure you put them back on within a certain time frame.

  3. The Slight Lisp

    The first time you put on your aligners, you may notice a slight lisp when you speak. But don’t worry, it’s completely normal and you shouldn’t remove your aligners for it. Instead, practice speaking with the tray in your mouth. And in just a few days you’ll get used to it.

  4. Clean Your Mouth at Regular Intervals

    Sure, you have the benefit of removing your aligners, but it’s equally important that you clean your teeth at regular intervals. But that doesn’t mean that you randomly remove your aligners just to clean your teeth! Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal. You don’t want the bacteria and plaque sticking onto them. And with the added pressure of your aligners, your teeth are at a higher risk of developing dental plaque.

  5. Use a Whitening Toothpaste

    A lot of patients with an Invisalign treatment agree that whitening toothpaste has helped them throughout their treatment. And how does it work? The fluoride, coupled with a whitening substance is held firmly in place by the aligners. And they stay intact without being washed away.

  6. Take Care of Your Retainers

    Use your retainer as instructed by Dr. Anu Isaac. Some patients may not follow through the process, and you might just lose out on some of the benefits. You’ll mostly be required to wear them throughout the day for a few months and even at night when suggested by the dentist.

  7. Stay Away from Cleaning Agents

    Many patients enjoy keeping their Invisalign braces extra clean since they’re transparent and any food debris can be easily spotted. But, they’re not like your contact lenses or pair of glasses that require regular cleaning. Make sure you do not use cleaners since they can be really harsh. A mild soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush should be a preferred choice. Stay away from toothpaste and mouthwash because they can damage your aligners and they won’t be as transparent anymore.

With these tips and tricks, you’re just getting a step closer to a healthier set of teeth and a better smile. Brush your teeth, keep your aligners clean, and make sure you have them on as long as possible. Dr. Anu Isaac is always ready to help you make your journey with aligners a smoother one. If you have or your teen requires an Invisalign treatment,schedule an appointment with us today.

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