What can you eat after wisdom tooth extraction

Many people undergo a wisdom tooth removal procedure to prevent problems like oral infections, crowding, decay, and damage to adjacent teeth. If you’ve recently undergone this minimally invasive dental procedure, knowing what to eat and what to avoid will accelerate recovery from wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal aftercare is necessary to minimize the risk of complications, reduce swelling and to aid the healing process. The foods you eat after wisdom teeth removal must be soft and rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins to provide nourishment.

Food you can you eat after wisdom tooth extraction

• Blended Soup or Bone Broth
Lukewarm blended soups or bone broths will not only help you meet your daily nutrition recommendations but also keep you hydrated which is important after wisdom teeth removal.

• Instant Oatmeal
Oats are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers and so they make for a super healthy meal. Since oatmeal has a smooth consistency, it is less chewy and it will also help you avoid irritation.

• Yogurt
Yogurt is an ideal food to eat after teeth extraction as it has a smooth and creamy texture. Greek yogurt is loaded with protein and minerals that will accelerate your recovery and its cold temperature will have a soothing effect.

• Smoothies
Loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, smoothies or milkshakes are a perfect snack for post-operative dental patients. They are wholesome, filling, and make it much easier to take the medicines prescribed for pain, swelling, and discomfort.

• Apple Sauce
Applesauce is rich in dietary fiber and Vitamin C and its pureed texture requires very little jaw movement. Applesauce is a cool confection that will soothe the inflammation and promote the healing process.

Food to Avoid After Teeth Extraction

In addition to knowing the right foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal, it is just as important to know the foods to avoid after teeth extraction.

Make sure you avoid these 5 types of food for a faster recovery.

• Hot and Spicy Foods
Hot and spicy foods are an absolute no-no after a wisdom tooth extraction. The hot spices can break the blood clots in the healing socket and cause an infection.

• Hard and Crunchy Foods
Hard and crunchy foods can get stuck in the sockets and invite a dental infection that you don’t want to deal with. So, no matter how bad you want them, stay away from them and you’ll be glad you did.

• Soda and Sugary Foods

Fizzy, carbonated beverages weaken the blood clots in the socket and cause them to dislodge. Sugary foods can also be quite damaging, especially when you are just recovering from wisdom tooth removal. A couple of days without sugar and soda won’t hurt you much.

• Alcohol
Consuming alcohol right after a wisdom tooth extraction will not only interfere with the healing process but also worsen the pain and swelling. So even if you cannot curb the desire, it only makes sense to just say no.

• Small Foods

Small foods include sesame seeds and poppy seeds that are much likely to get stuck in between the sockets. Not only will these small foods increase the risk of infection but also make you rush to your dentist for getting them out. So steer clear of all small foods and stay safe from swelling, bleeding, pain, discomfort and infections.

Following these wisdom teeth removal aftercare tips will ensure that your mouth heals at its own natural pace and help you avoid oral complications in future. The recovery may take anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks but make sure you plan your diet to include and avoid the foods mentioned above.

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