wisdom tooth extraction signs

Wisdom teeth are now a redundant, revolutionary relic that was once used by our ancestors to eat raw meat and vegetables. Since these are the third set of molars that generally grow between the ages of 17 to 25, the so-called ‘wisdom years,’ are known as wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are the wisdom teeth that come through at an angle or only partially through the gums because they don’t have room to grow.

These can cause a lot of pain and other painful dental problems because of overcrowding of already existing teeth and gums. Here are a few signs when you know it’s time for wisdom teeth extraction.


When should you get your wisdom teeth removed?

  1. Persistent pain and infection

    An impacted tooth that is going to erupt through the gums can cause a lot of pain. This might be because the wisdom tooth might have grown at an angle to the adjoining molar or might not fully erupt from the gums.

    The odd angle of this wisdom tooth means that it will start collecting food and dental plaque leading to tooth decay and a pericoronitis infection.

    Symptoms of this infection include painful and swollen gum tissue in the area of the affected tooth. You might also notice a bad smell in the mouth and a discharge of pus from the gum near the tooth.

  2. Stiff Jaw

    When wisdom teeth erupt, they push against your other teeth which leads to mild discomfort in your jaw and makes it stiff.

  3. Painful Cysts

    Sometimes liquid pools into the sac next to the wisdom tooth, it is called a cyst. A cyst can be painful, and if untreated, may turn into a tumor. At this point, wisdom teeth extraction becomes crucial.

  4. Cavities

    Impacted wisdom teeth can put pressure on the surrounding molars creating gaps between your teeth. Thus they become vulnerable to getting food stuck in them which might cause cavities.

  5. Difficulty in Eating

    Pain due to wisdom teeth might make it difficult to open and close your mouth which makes it difficult for you to swallow food.

    This is one of the reasons you should go for immediate wisdom teeth removal.

  6. Sinus Aggravation

    Yes, you’ve read it right. Wisdom teeth can also cause sinus aggravation.

    Impacted wisdom teeth that grow in the upper jaw can aggravate your sinus problems. These teeth can grow and push against the sinuses and put pressure on them.

    Unless a wisdom teeth extraction is performed, you might face sinus pain to add to the pain your wisdom teeth might bring you.

If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, the time has come to visit a dentist before the problem gets more out of hand. Wisdom teeth are problematic, but they can be quickly taken care of by a simple wisdom teeth extraction performed by your dentist.

Coral Dental Care makes sure your wisdom teeth extraction is as free from worry as possible.

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